DAVID BURKE Tavern Bar Area

VOLANTE Lola Cristall returns to uptown New York to kick off her latest excursions to the US east coast’s finest dining experiences

We make our way back uptown where chef David Burke’s casual tavern, in a quaint New York townhouse, awaits. 

Chef David is known as an inspiring restaurateur and cookbook author who shares his passion in every dish. David Burke Tavern (www.davidburketavern.com) is an elegant two-storey space that welcomes guests through a bar and lounge area on the ground floor, before making their way upstairs to a more serene and formally elegant setting with red button-tufted back booths in a dim-lit surrounding. The ambiance is cozy and captivating, while the cuisine is irresistible.

The highly professional staff provide to guests’ needs, sharing their in-depth expertise and knowledge of the menu. A wild mushroom ravioli is delicately touched with a hint of parmesan, sage and pomegranate with a drizzle of thick chocolate balsamic dressing on top, a fulfilling dish displaying immense flavours. A fire-roasted Atlantic salmon is simply presented with green beans and a beautiful tomato vinaigrette while the branzino with artichoke purée with a trace of ratatouille sauce is a tantalizing experience for the senses. For dessert, the celebrated cheesecake lollipop tree is an experience for the appetite as well the eyes, whimsically presented to diners. The overall David Burke culinary flight is gratifyingly delicious and amusingly witty as penguin plush toys and small Humpty Dumpty figurines adorn the space, resonant of Chef David’s æsthetic persona.

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