The David Burke Collection


Feel like a chef at home with my collection of pots, pans, gadgets and more!

I have partnered with Frieling USA, a leading purveyor of cookware, bakeware and more, to create a curated selection of items we have called “The David Burke Collection.”

I have always wanted to offer a signature line of cookware and utensils that represents exactly what I use in my restaurant kitchens.  Everything you will see in my signature line is professional grade and battle tested in my kitchens by myself and my team of executive chefs.  I guarantee every item will meet the highest standard of professional integrity.  If you are stepping up your game in the kitchen, you have come to the right place!

Team #CHEWDOIN and I are working on some special recipes we will share so you can show off your skills with your new cookware. There is also a nice selection of items to bring your next dinner party up a notch or two. Check out the wine glasses, French Press, and charcuterie boards – just to name a few! Bon appétit!

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I have also partnered with Chef’s Kiss
to make more of my products easily available

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