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A guide to the top 20 steakhouses in the Garden State

Any way you slice it, there is nothing trivial about steak.

It comes from the biggest animal humans raise for food, and it takes about two years for that animal to reach its ideal weight of about 1,200 pounds. It’s no knock on vegetables or, for that matter, on lamb, veal, pork, fish, chicken or the trusty burger to say that steak is the summit of carnivorous eating.

When you consider the time that goes into raising a great Black Angus steer, the aging that tenderizes the meat, and the deft management of intense heat that creates the mouthwatering char, it’s no wonder it tops the menu in price.

New Jersey’s chefs sure know what to do with beef in its most rarified form, as showcased at our 20 favorite steakhouses around the state.

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1776 by David Burke


Situated just off the Morristown Green, the newest of Burke’s six New Jersey restaurants——which opened in October and subsequently made our Best New Restaurants list—is primed for meat eaters. The sirloin, rib eye, porterhouse for two, and even the burger are Prime Angus beef, dry aged in Burke’s patented, 100-square-foot, salt-brick aging box. “I once swam in the Dead Sea with a group of chefs,” he says. “It’s one-third salt. When we came out, our skin was soft as a baby’s. I started thinking how salt exposure would work in dry aging.” Turns out, salt bricks can help tenderize beef and concentrate its satisfying meatiness. Beyond steaks, 1776 offers a modern menu of sushi, pizza, sides and dazzling desserts. —K.T. Harrison
67 East Park Place • 973-829-1776

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