Mitchell Schor mural at David Burke Tavern

For Mitchell Schorr, an artist known for his energetic street murals, COVID-19 has presented an infinite landscape of plywood canvases.

Though he began his signature paintings long before the pandemic hit, the shuttered shops and restaurants have offered a unique opportunity for him give a bit of brightness and hope to the city.

Schorr, 47, whose work is featured in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Detroit Institute of Arts, began his newest artistic journey when chef David Burke asked him to spice up his restaurant’s new, rather bleak outdoor seating area.

“When the pandemic began and everything was boarded up and they gave them permission to open up in the street, he was like, ‘Hey, I can’t run a business like this. Who wants to eat like this, in the street?’” Schorr told the Daily News. “So I painted the one at 62nd and Lexington.”

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