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Internationally acclaimed Chef David Burke‘s latest endeavor focuses on plant-forward dishes – that will be available right here in the Hamptons. Chef Burke has partnered with Honest Plate to create flavorful meals exclusively for the Hamptons-based clean eating, plant forward and Whole30 diet oriented prepared meal service. 

We recently caught up with Chef Burke about the partnership, #CookinDB, #FeedtheHeroes and more. 

Tell us a little bit about the David Burke for Honest Plate partnership.

DB: It’s a new initiative that means I’ll be creating 100 percent organic plant-forward dishes for Honest Plate, using as much product as we can that is grown in Honest Plate’s own greenhouses at their Calverton, NY campus. And, of course, we’ll take advantage of the agricultural bounty of the East End. The David Burke for Honest Plate meals will offer a premium culinary experience for Honest Plate clients and will add a new taste profile to the Honest Plate’s core menus. The partnership also extends the flexibility of what is already the most adaptable meal service – prepared or kit – I have come across. There is no long-term commitment, a family of four can dine on four completely different meals to address their individual preferences or dietary restrictions and clients can drop- in-and-out of the program at will. Now with David Burke for Honest Plate, clients can mix-and-match the dishes I create exclusively for Honest Plate with those of the company’s core menu. 

For me, the partnership is an exciting opportunity to explore all the creativity that can go into plant-based food. Traditionally, I’ve worked with animal proteins first and then with plants second. With Honest Plate, it’s often going to be the other way around. Which I think is ultimately the wave of the future for environmental and health reasons. 

Since the debut of the Honest Plate partnership, there has already been an offshoot – David Burke for Honest Plate Catering. Could you tell us about that too?

DB: We had tossed around the thought of adding catering into the mix, but were focused on Honest Plate’s core prepared meal service for individuals and families. Then my vice president of events got a call from someone asking about catering for a garden party in the Hamptons. Over the years we’ve done the food for a number of events on the East End, in the old normal. In this new one, we had to pause and think about how to do it, because it was the first query we’ve had for more than very small gatherings since the pandemic started. This event was for 60. Of course, now when someone says Hamptons to me, I think Honest Plate and there it was the solution – use the Honest Plate model of presenting individual portions of the food in their custom glass containers for the event. So I called Ashley Heather, the owner or Honest Plate and suggested we partner on this event with menu options that would include some of my signatures, items from the David Burke for Honest Plate roster and a couple by Honest Plate’s terrific chefs. The client loved the fun mash-up of menu choices and the idea of a la Honest Plate service style. We knew we were onto something and decided it was a natural to extend the partnership to include offering catering ongoing. 

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