Chef Burke

Your relationship might be sorely in need of attention. Why not recreate the special day that sparked it, with an enhancement or three?

Common first dates typically involve a meet-and-greet morning coffee or evening cocktail, or a get-to-know-you meal and you-liked-me-enough dessert.

“Food is a memory bank,” said David Burke, a chef whose restaurants include David Burke Tavern and Mister French, among others. “It’s a conversational focal point. It’s the first time during a date when you’re sharing something similar and intimate with another person. Usually you’re sitting close to that person and looking into their face.”

Though you may not be able to go back to that fancy eatery for oysters or the intimate cafe for an iced latte, you can remake your original date meal — or a new one, say something you wished you had ordered back then.

If you like the competition, Mr. Burke suggested you each make one course. For a more bonding experience, prepare the entire meal as a team. If you’re sick of cooking — and who wouldn’t be at this point — perhaps making this meal will revitalize your passion for each other, and for your kitchen.

Don’t forget drinks: Make that signature cocktail or mocktail if you have one, or if you shared a special bottle of wine, consider ordering that from your local liquor store.

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