Dinner at Drifthouse

Monday marked the return of outdoor dining, and this food writer was ready to get back out there.

Sort of. As soon as I could find my purse. And my bra. And my courage.

We made it two blocks before I realized I forgot my wallet. When we finally hit the Parkway, en route to the Drifthouse in Sea Bright, the questions came as fast as the exits:

“Do you put the mask back on between bites?”

“Are they going to take our temperature?”

“How do they manage the bathrooms?”

I reviewed the Drifthouse, from Jersey favorite chef David Burke, when it opened in 2018 and lost my mind over their “bacon on a clothesline,” a treat that quickly became one of the most copied dishes in the country.

“I’ve been dying to go back,” I texted a friend, before realizing my poor word choice.

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