Woodpecker Interior view

Woodpecker by David Burke cooks out of a wood-fired oven

Longtime NYC chef David Burke— whose name appears prominently at his restaurants, including at ones that he’s no longer involved in — is apparently still game to open new restaurants in the city. On Monday, the chef opened Woodpecker by David Burke, an American restaurant in Nomad with a wide-ranging menu serving everything from pizza with crickets in the crust to Korean-style wings. 

The more than 100-seat restaurant, located at 30 West 30th St. between Broadway and Fifth Avenue, serves pizzas, meats, and veggies cooked out of a wood-fired oven. He’s particularly highlighting that pizza with crickets, which uses a cricket dough and comes with crickets, tomato, and jalapeño pesto.

Lobster calzone
The lobster calzone

The menu — which day-to-day will come from chef Carmine Di Giovanni— also includes a few Burke signatures from over the years, like a $19 appetizer where strips of bacon arrive to the table on a clothesline. Some of the newer dishes also bear a hint of gimmick, such as a lobster calzone where the tail sticks out of the top. (A release about the dish calls it “highly ‘Instagrammable.’”) 

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