Chef Burke in kitchen cooking bacon

Chef David Burke, a Jersey native, continues to dish out the goods despite COVID-19’s impact on the restaurant industry.

“I’m optimistic that we’ll finish out the year nice and strong,” Chef David Burke said. “Even finishing in a breakeven, that’s fine.”

Chef Burke of Hazlet runs four restaurants in the Garden State and several others in the United States.

His restaurant in West New York, Son Cubano is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

“We’re very fortunate that at restaurants Son Cubano, Ventana and Drift House, we have outdoor seating–plenty of it,” Chef Burke said. “We have enough where we’re doing well.”

Son Cubano CEO Alexander Duran said people are still anxious to dine out.

“This year, if politics stays out of the way, we’re looking to rebound,” Duran said. “People have been staying home hibernating, and they want to come out.”

The model for dining out looks completely different from the inside out now.

“Typically speaking, this table would be sat, and another party there, because we would not want these two parties touching,” explained Eddie Duran, a restaurant partner.

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