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With much of the world locking down and socially distancing, being able to cook at home and stretch resources is more important than ever.

Cooking at home can be a creative and fun way to pass the time, but it’s also healthy and nutritious. Eating well is important for our immune systems, which is something else incredibly important (now and always). 

But for those people who are not used to eating all their meals at home, let alone stocking up on supplies and making them last, this can sound very daunting. According to celebrity chefs, though, it’s all about storing versatile ingredients that last – but also can make lots of delicious and easy meals.

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“Treat yourself at home and make a nice couscous with olives, pickled vegetables topped with duck confit. sauce with vinegar and orange marmalade.,” said celebrity chef David Burke, culinary director at Mister French NYC.

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