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Gas and produce prices are impacting food costs, restaurateur David Burke said

Celebrity chef David Burke stressed that inflation continues to deeply impact the restaurant industry as his businesses are “struggling” with “crazy” high food costs and staffing shortages. 

“It’s been tough going through the pandemic… the prices are crazy. Not only food prices, but the labor. We’re still struggling with labor… there’s still a shortage of restaurant workers out there,” Burke told “Mornings with Maria,” Wednesday. 

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The award-winning celebrity chef who owns four restaurants in New Jersey and 18 businesses nationwide noted that his businesses faced several challenges post-pandemic from transportation costs to record-high produce prices amid soaring inflation. He also noted that skyrocketing gas prices are also raising food costs for delivery services. As a result – higher bills for consumers, he said. 

“[Bacon] used to cost me $4 a strip… now it’s $6,” Burke stressed. “Ribeye steak, dry-aged, this cost us 25, 30 bucks to buy, and we age our own… then crab legs are $55 a pound.” 

The surf-and-turf dish he serves in his restaurant are now priced on the menu for approximately $140-$150 for two people, he noted. 

When FOX Business host Maria Bartiromo asked Burke whether inflation will get worse, he responded: “I think so.”

“I think it goes up all summer. I think we’re going to keep seeing this news with the gas and… food pricing,” he said. 

He is also happy that people are returning to indoor dining. 

“It’s been tough going through the pandemic… we’re fighters. Restaurant people are… resilient,” Burke emphasized. 

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