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Reduce, reuse, recycle.This common Earth Day mantra refers to reducing waste in landfills by reusing things that can be repurposed, and recycling things that can’t.But here at the Jersey Shore, it could mean reducing food waste by feeding the hungry, reusing oyster shells, and recycling compostable materials.

David Burke’s Restaurants

Richard and Carla Bushey, owners of Oak Hill Farms where David Burke (in the background) purchases honey for his Dixie Lee Bakery.

Renowned celebrity chef David Burke owns countless establishments — some favorites near here include Drifthouse in Sea Bright, Dixie Lee Bakery in Keansburg, Red Horse in Rumson and The GOAT in Union Beach. All are dedicated to buying local, slashing food waste and making the most out of everything in the kitchen.

Burke buys fresh, local products from suppliers like the Barnegat Oyster CollectiveThree Forks Local Greens, and Two River Mushrooms. The bakery also sells and uses honey from Oak Hill Farms.

“I want to support local fishermen, oystermen, clammers and farmers” said Burke, who lives in Atlantic Highlands. “To keep a local industry alive and be proud of what you are serving, that’s a good feeling.”

“It’s always preferable to get foods that are harvested the day before as opposed to having them flown, then trucked here … it’s a no brainer. It’s all about quality, freshness and working with people we know.”

Burke also tries to use as much of his ingredients as possible — using zest from citrus or candying peels, as well as using shrimp and lobster shells for succulent broths. 

This custom-made "oyster spa" at Drifthouse by David Burke in Sea Bright keep oysters fresh, mimicking the icy, briny water of their natural habitat.

He also donates to local pantries, and keeps his oysters happy at Drifthouse with their very own oyster spa

Go: For Drifthouse: 1485 N. Ocean Ave., Sea Bright; 732-530-9760, For Red Horse: 26 Ridge Road, Rumson; 732-576-3400, For The GOAT: 1411 Route 36, Union Beach; 732-264-5222, For Dixie Lee Bakery: 303 Main St., Keansburg; 732-787-0674,

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