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Saucepans can be made of various materials, from copper to stainless steel

Apart from knives, a reliable saucepans may be one of the most important items in any chef’s kitchen. 

After all, a saucepan, typically a deep pan with a long handle and lid, is a requirement for making everything from the most basic of sauces to perfectly cooked quinoa. 

But, as with any kitchen tool, the choices can be overwhelming – as both home chefs and professionals must consider factors such as size, grip, and material when investing in the cookware. 

To help with the selection, we asked top chefs to reveal their favourite saucepans – this is what they said.

All-Clad Saucepan: From $79, All-Clad

All-Clad is another brand worth checking out, according to chefs, as it offers affordable yet reliable options.

According to Paul Wahlberg, executive chef and owner of Wahlburgers, his All-Clad saucepan ties for favourite with his antique copper ones.

“They’re my favourite because they have good heat conductivity, heavy gauge, they’re less likely to burn and are a good size for finishing sauces,” he told us. 

Guillaume Thivet, executive chef of Mister French NYC also recommends the brand’s cookware because it “distributes heat perfectly, which makes cooking fun, reliable and perfect”.

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